Chick-Chick in ENGLISH - Exercise - Cartoons for Babies

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Chick-Chick is an educational and entertaining project for the smallest.

It is based on the animated series, the main task of which is to introduce kids to the world, everyday objects, basic concepts and phenomena. It is very important for us to offer you and your children a cute, childish, funny, high-quality and useful cartoons.

The main character is Вaby Chick-Chick. He just hatched from an egg and, together with young viewers, gets acquainted with the world of surrounding objects. Everything is interesting, surprising and fascinating for him. Each new item is fraught with many discoveries. Chick-Chick will explain to your baby what day, night, teapot, shadow, sun, moon, clouds are, how to eat tasty, have fun doing exercises, dance and play ... Your baby will have an exciting journey with Вaby Chick-Chick!

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